Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bridge To Doubletalk

I saw this report on CNN last night, (no, not on Fox News), and thought it was something everyone should know. You just can't blindly believe all the rhetoric...on either side.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Day At The 'Stick

Yesterday, I had the fortune of attending my first San Francisco 49ers game since January 7, 1995. As a fan whose 49er roots go back to my childhood, that's almost too embarrassing to admit. My grandfather used to actually work at both Candlestick Park and the Cow Palace, so I went to events at each venue throughout my childhood. Since the Giants final season at Candlestick in 1999, I hadn't stepped foot in The 'Stick.

On the drive to the game, I could clearly recall my Candlestick memories I had from my childhood. I remember my increased heart rate as we would drive to the parking lot and just look at the outside of the stadium. Then the increased enthusiasm as we passed through the turnstiles. Then, the overwhelming anticipation of walking through the concourse knowing of the splendor held on the other side of the walls.

Unlike today's modern stadiums where you can still see the action on the field while waiting in line for concessions, that is impossible at Candlestick. In fact, there are rather large doors you have to open to go from the concourse to the stands. I could clearly remember the thrill it was when those doors opened and I got my first glimpse of the sun-drenched greenness of the field of play. My heart would practically leap out of my chest. I got that thrill every single time I went to that ballpark.

Including yesterday.

It was a spectacular day. The temperature was perfect. Very little wind inside the stadium. And when a gust would come by, it actually felt good. The game was very good as the 49ers, a far cry from their glory days of the 80s and 90s, played a very good game against a woeful opponent. I honestly didn't care who they played. I just enjoyed looking around the stadium and remembering going there as a child with my dad and/or my grandfather.

Special thanks to my longtime friend (notice I avoided the word "old") Megan. I've known Megan since college days, and we have served together in ministry in years past. She now lives about 30 minutes from me, and she generously treated me to one of her family's tickets. Her family has been season ticket holders for about 25 years. Even though the 49ers of this generation are a far cry from their heyday, those tickets are a prize commodity, often passed down from generation to generation.

It was a perfect day. The 49ers won 31-13, the seats were awesome. I wasn't about to leave mine for anything until it was time to go home.

Below is a link to the pictures I took at the game, followed by another link to pictures I took of Megan's new puppies and their mother.

Game pix
Puppy pix

Thursday, September 18, 2008

18 Days, 11 Pounds

Today is the 18th, and as I weighed myself this morning, I'm officially down exactly 11 pounds from when I started on the 1st. Clothes are feeling looser and more comfortable, and I'm enjoying the momentum. I'm not missing too much that I'm not allowed to eat at this time, but it would be nice to have some fries or a nice big pile of mashed potatoes. My plan is to hit it hard this month, and maybe treat myself to a big juicy burger or plate of pasta on October 1, then hit it hard again through October.

It feels good to improve upon this area of my life. Just one of several which need a makeover.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A New Season

My internal calendar is a bit out of whack. We all know about internal clocks which help us wake up on Saturdays at the same time we wake up Monday through Friday. However, I'm talking about the internal calendar which tells us that this time of year calls for a certain schedule.

In accord with my past 8 years or so, this past Saturday would have been week number 2 of the Upward Basketball season at Bethel Church in San Jose. This year, it was simply Saturday.

There were many challenges in running this program. But right now, I honestly can't remember any of them. The memory which plays over and over in my mind is summarized in the photo above.

The kids.

I miss the kids. I miss the energy and enthusiasm which brought the Life Center gym to life. I would arrive at the gym about 7:30-8:00 AM on game days. The gym was dark and quiet. But roll around 8:40 AM, kids and their parents would begin to trickle in. By the 9:00 tip-off of the opening games, the place was buzzing. I miss the parents with their cameras doing their best to balance the dual instincts to capture the memories while cheering for their kids and their teammates. I can only imagine the countless home videos which, in order to watch without getting motion sickness, would require a double dosage of Dramamine.

Two years ago, I felt like my time in running Upward Basketball was coming to a close. I stuck around for two more years because I just didn't feel completely released to walk away. Last November, I submitted my letter of resignation. I simply felt I had taken it as far as I could. Little did I know that by the time the summer basketball camp would have been going on, and as the planning for the upcoming season would have been in motion, I would be packing my belongings to move to a new community.

I miss those kids. I miss the cheering. I miss those moments where a child who has little athletic ability gets their moment in the sun when they make a basket. I always made it a priority to my coaches to make sure that every child scored a basket during the season. I've even seen coaches lift up a small child, hold them up to the basket while they drop the ball through for 2 points! The cheering throughout the gym would be deafening. The smiles...unforgettable.

I don't know if they will remember me years from now, but I'll never forget them.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jesus = Community Organizer?

The latest high profile individual that I know of has come out and used the "Jesus was a Community Organizer, Pilate was a Governor" angle was Susan Sarandon. Stay tuned, I'm sure more are to come.

And now, a friend from back in my college days has jumped on the bandwagon. Hey, despite our disagreement in this area, I respect him very much. However, this rationale simply escapes me. It boggles my mind that anyone could repeat that phrase with a straight face.

So let's ponder this for a moment. Those who are going with this rationale are also those who are passionately opposed to the so-called "religious right". And now they are actually trying to compare their guy to most polarizing figure between church and state?


But all this goes to prove, to the most discerning among us, that they are afraid. They're rattled. They are spending so much time and energy trying to elevate themselves by minimizing the King of Kings, they've practically abandoned the fact that it's actually Obama vs. McCain, not Palin. They're insulting our intelligence.

Desperation reveals insecurity. Of which, there is no room in the Oval Office.

I do not believe all Democrats are like this. Nor do I believe all Republicans and/or Christians are good and correct.

I agree with my friend 100% on one thing. As Christians, we should aspire to be like Him. Where we part company is that I do not believe by minimizing Christ, my party's ticket is more like Jesus than the other. Jesus was a carpenter. Does this make Bob Vila more like Christ than an auto mechanic? Not because of their professions or deeds, no.

So people, please. Enough of the nonsense. Vote your conscience. I'm less concerned with people voting the same as I do as much as I am about people voting intelligently and not in false hysteria or ignorance.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Do Not Adjust Your Monitor

While standing in line at the bank the other day, I was treated to this fashion-ey goodness. Oddly, my good friend Lisa declined my offer to give him her number. (click on the photos for the full size versions)

Let me tell you, sneaking these photos was not as easy as one might think. But being a dedicated blogger for your knowledge and entertainment, I risked it all to do this for you. Despite the fact that I set my phone to vibrate, the shutter sound of the camera remains audible (note to self). As you can see in the first picture, if the gentleman had any kind of peripheral vision, he could have easily made me for paparazzi. So after I took the first picture, I looked at my phone as if I had just arrived to this country from some third world country where such devices had never been imagined. I then started snapping "diversionary" photos around the office as if I were testing this new fangled technology. Then, as he took his place at the teller window in front of me, I was able to covertly snap the picture to show you his choice of hosiery/footwear.

Yes friends, this intrepid blogger is always on the lookout for the best material for your reading and viewing pleasure.

I'm a giver.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Got Desperation?

It sure seems that Sarah Palin has the Democrats in a frenzy right now. I have been following a lot of internet chatter and radio talk shows of those who are for her, and those who literally fear her and her Christian beliefs. I know of some Christian friends who are supporting Obama for their own reasons, and I have seen them debate other Christians over party philosophies, primarily Roe v. Wade and other conservative hot topics. I have to think that things like this video below would have to cause a Christian Democrat to pause and consider their affiliation.

This is not simply one man's opinion. This very same talking point was made by Donna Brazile, Campaign Manager for Al Gore's run at the presidency in 2000. On CNN this past Sunday night, she said the following:

BLITZER: Let me bring Donna in on the whole issue of being a community organizer. Now we know a lot of those community organizers are in the big urban areas and there are some suggesting that when they -- when the Republicans, whether Giuliani or Sarah Palin went after Obama for being a community organizer there was a racial overtone there. Do you believe that?

BRAZILE: First of all, I don't think they understand the role of a community organizer, often to help people who are in distress, they've lost their jobs, they've lost their homes, they've lost their health care. And for many of us, it's a time honored tradition to give back, especially those who have been rewarded with so much.

The Bible says to whom much is given much is required and it comes out of that tradition. So it was insulting to see both, you know, the governor as well as Mayor Giuliani criticize people. There's some on the Internet now that Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor. And perhaps they should understand the role of a community organizer, do help people in distress.

Is it just me? Or are the Dems actually comparing Obama to Jesus, and Palin (and all governors, for that matter), to Pontius Pilate?

I remember the very famous exchange in the Vice Presidential debate of 1988 when Democratic candidate Lloyd Bentsen strongly rebuked Republican candidate Dan Quayle because he had the audacity of comparing his qualifications to those of John F. Kennedy. That was a pretty compelling moment. However, that's nothing compared to the ammunition they just handed the Republicans by enabling them to say, "I serve Jesus Christ. I know Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a friend of mine. Senator, you are no Jesus Christ."

Jesus wasn't a "community organizer". He was and is the King of Kings. No man or woman who has or ever will live can compare.


They say a gaffe is when a politician accidentally tells the truth. As if Obama hasn't been sweating through his shirts over his choice for running mate after the momentum shift to the other side, Joe Biden uses a political speech in front of a crowd and TV cameras for a little personal therapy session. This may just send Obama into therapy:

I've never taken a political science class or anything, but I'm pretty sure it's not a good strategy to tell the world that your would-be boss, a man seeking a position in which everyday he'll have to make decisions which make this look like choosing a pizza topping, selected the wrong person when considering who could be "one heartbeat away" from the Oval Office.

The Day I Couldn't Blink

Today marks the seventh anniversary of the attacks on our nation, known forever as simply "9/11". I woke up that morning as I do every morning. I have the radio on for a little "white noise" while getting ready. I woke up just before 6 am, and the news guy on the radio talked of an accident at the World Trade Center in New York City. I quickly turned on Fox News, and within moments, I witnessed the second plane plow into the south tower.

I sat on the edge of my bed watching the events unfold for nearly an hour before I had to peel myself away to go to work. I ran to my car and turned on the radio. I drove to work, which was about 8 miles away. For those 8 miles, it was like looking through a pane of glass with images on it before seeing what was really in front of me on the road behind it. That pane of glass kept replaying what I had just witnessed. I no sooner got to work and got to my floor when I was greeted by my boss who simply told me to go home, be with my family. Today, there was no getting work done. We were under attack. Suddenly life had reminded us of our ultimate priorities.

I raced home and turned the TV on again. I flipped through every channel I could think of. I don't think I blinked the whole day.

I'll never forget that day, as I'm sure you won't either.

None of us will.

Before the day ended, I picked up my journal and wrote a brief entry. I'll share with you what I wrote on that darkest of days.

Today our nation was attacked by foreign terrorists. They have hijacked plans and crashed them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Lord, I pray for mercy upon our country and for those who are trapped and injured. Comfort those who need comfort. Be with the families of those who have been injured and killed.

These terrorists probably hope to bring our country to its knees.

Let that be so

For some time following the attacks, our country came together as one. Our churches were packed to the rafters. There were American flags draped from highway overpasses, overhanging traffic in both directions. We were proud to be Americans. We were indeed united.

Sadly, it didn't last. I hope and pray it doesn't take another 9/11 to remind us there is more which unites us than divides us, if only we wouldn't obsess on the differences.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Created Equal, Not Equally

During election season, you will almost always hear the arguments between members of both political parties accusing the other of significant flaws in their philosophy of government. I watched Senator Obama's speech at Invesco Field at the culmination of the Democratic National Convention. During his speech, he declared the Republicans have a "you're on your own" philosophy. His words:

For over two decades -- for over two decades, he's subscribed to that old, discredited Republican philosophy: Give more and more to those with the most and hope that prosperity trickles down to everyone else. In Washington, they call this the "Ownership Society," but what it really means is that you're on your own. Out of work? Tough luck, you're on your own. No health care? The market will fix it. You're on your own. Born into poverty? Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, even if you don't have boots. You are on your own. Well, it's time for them to own their failure.

This got me to thinking. Is that really the way I think? Am I that heartless? Is Obama right?

As I began to really analyze my beliefs, and those of the leaders for whom I tend to vote, a light turned on in my head. I remembered these words from the Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

You'll notice that the founding fathers said that we are created equal
, not equally. As Americans, we are afforded the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. But this also means that we have the right to fail and underachieve. It is not the responsibility of those who have achieved to carry those who have not. The fact is, there are churches and agencies all over our great country available to assist people in need. That is where this belongs, not in government. We are born with "certain unalienable rights". From that point on, we're the responsibility of our families or guardians until we're adults.'s up to us.

Jesus shared a story of a man who was going on a journey. Before leaving, he left some money to his servants, "according to their ability". His point in doing so was essentially a test to see what they'd do with it. You'll notice in this story that none of the three men to whom he gave this money were given equal amounts. To one he gave five talents, another two talents, and to the other, one talent. When he returned to them, the men with the five and two talents, respectively, each doubled the amount they were given. The third man literally buried what was given to him, doing absolutely nothing with it. What he was originally given was then taken away and given to the man who now had ten.

Well that seems hardly fair, doesn't it? I mean, that guy already has ten. How can you take away from the guy who only had one? Shouldn't the guy with ten give up some of his to help the poor dude with only one?

Justice can be harsh.

Notice the reasoning given by the man who buried what was given to him. He blamed his master saying that he was harsh and cruel. He didn't take personal responsibility. He was given free money, but did nothing with it because he had a knot in his boxers over his boss.

And you thought class warfare was something new.

With all this being said, I come to this conclusion. These three men had developed their own resumes. They had their own personal histories and reputations based on their own abilities and work ethic. Not based on their parents, where they were born, where they went to school or anything else. They were each servants of the same master. The first two men were given different amounts. They each doubled what was given to them. Their master's response to them was identical. He was not more pleased with the man who now had ten than the one who now had four. He was pleased with their results and their integrity. And to them, he gave more.

When we're "on our own", what is in our hearts will be revealed. Had the third man doubled his money, though he would have had only two, he would have pleased his master equally. Heck, maybe he could have tripled it and changed the story completely!

But he did nothing with it.

I commend Barack Obama for coming as far as he has considering the famliy life and racial confusion he must have felt and endured while growing up. That's very impressive and inspiring. However, I still subscribe to the ideal that we are on our own to pursue those unalienable rights described by our country's founding fathers. I do not expect or want government to be my great equalizer. I do not have the same abilities as others. To whom much is given, much more is required. I have to look in the mirror when I consider my own personal predicaments.

There are many who are born with disabilities. For one reason or another, and to one degree or another, they are dependent upon others. Poverty, under privilege, lack of motivation or intelligence...these are not disabilities. These are obstacles, but not impassable.

God is my equalizer. In cooperation with Him, I can do "all things". That is, as long as I don't bury what HE has given me.

Difference Between Indifferent and Different

A friend of mine wrote a recent post to his blog asking the question "when did different become wrong". This piece is in no way pointed at the examples he used in his blog, but simply my thoughts on that question in general.

As I grew into adulthood and lived on my own, I realized how much of my parents' ways of doing things had unconsciously become my ways. For a silly example, but one to which
we can probably all relate, my family was an "over" family. You know, that's our preferred way of how the toilet paper should be draped on the bathroom wall. Well, Without thinking about it, when I had my first place, I instinctively hung my toilet paper over-the-top. I did that for years, and still do.

But I learned something when I had a girlfriend with a cat.

This is a fun and silly reminder that in life, there are many little things that we are practically progr
ammed to think and do. For certain people in certain circumstances, those things may work perfectly well. However, for others, not-so-much.

In many areas in our lives, it's not so much about right and wrong, but your way and my way. However, there are other areas in life where it's definitely about right and wrong. What do you do when you have two people or factions who have completely opposite opinions on something, yet they both think they're right? Do you protest and throw rocks through their windows?

I watched some of the activities outside the arenas of both parties' national conventions the past couple weeks. I also remember the time when I was unwittingly smack dab in the middle of one in downtown San Jose. In those cases, people were so self-righteous that they somehow felt the liberty and even obligation to say and do things which were completely senseless, rude, crude and even illegal. I heard and saw things both said and done in the presence of small children. In fact, I saw parents, with their own children in tow, doing and saying despicable things right there in front of their children.

On the other extreme, I see people who believe they are so enlightened because they are completely apathetic about what others believe and do. Hey, to each his own.

I am a firm believer that you're not going to "win" too many people to your way of thinking by yelling at and insulting them. I am also one who believes that we should love people enough that if they are doing something and believe in something we believe is damaging, we really should care and not just "live and let live".

There have been areas in my life where I have changed my opinions and ways of doing things. Those areas were not as a result of being beaten over the head by someone else, nor was it by someone who "loved" me so much as to let me just do whatever I wanted. I have made my own decisions, and established my own values based on my own experiences. My parents raised me well, but there came a time when I had to choose for myself which direction I would go with my life. My path has had many ill-timed and misguided diversions. But I had to come to a place where I had to identify what it was I wanted in life, and find people who were already "there", and spend time with them. When someone has what you want, you're more likely to experience the desired results by learning from their journeys.

I want to lead a life and experience results that others wish to achieve. And for those who are finding their way, I want to make myself available to pass on what I've learned from others and our experiences.

If you have a different ideology, hey, I'm not going to beat you over the head with "my way". I hope I'm big enough to be your friend anyway, despite our differences. However, I will in no way be indifferent or apathetic about you and our differences. You may have something in your life I need, and maybe...just maybe, there's something in mine that you need.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm Pro-Choice, And I'll Tell You Why

I have always enjoyed the English language. I mean, you know...I'm somewhat partial to it being American and all. Being a communicator, and appreciating good wordsmiths, I really like to pay attention to what people say, and most tellingly, how they say it. There is power in words. Our language can be complex. There are often times many ways to say the same thing. When working in radio, I was taught to always look at the positive way to say things. For example, when giving a weather forecast which called for rain, you might want to advise people to be prepared. There might be two ways to say it:

don't forget your umbrella
remember your umbrella

Isn't it more positive and encouraging to remind someone to do something they'll be grateful for later than nagging them not to do something they might later regret?

I always found it interesting that two opposite sides of the abortion topic were both "pro". You have your "pro-life" group, and your "pro-choice" group. For those who are pro-choice, their main argument is that the government has no right to be in their womb. I think this is an interesting view of where the "choice" begins for such folks.

Famed feminist Gloria Steinem wrote a scathing article Thursday against Sarah Palin. Ms. Steinem just doesn't believe that Mrs. Palin is a worthy torchbearer for today's woman. She cites several issues which I believe are gender-neutral, but of course, the topic of abortion was raised. After reading it and considering her position, which I believe is ridiculous and hypocritical, I found it astonishing that Ms. Steinem doesn't believe in a woman's right to choose to disagree. In fact, I find that as rather ironic for the entire party which touts itself as being enlightened and preaches tolerance. Tolerance. Webster defines tolerance this way:

sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one's own

Ms. Steinem has dedicated herself to womens' rights, at least according to her standards. In actuality, she suppresses womens' rights.
For Ms. Steinem, a woman's choice begins and ends with deciding whether or not she should give birth to a developing fetus. For me, the choice begins in the moments leading up to conception, not afterwards. For me, choice includes having the right to choose for yourself if you agree or disagree with the moral, emotional and legal ramifications abortion has on themselves, their family, the baby, and our country.

As you read this, you may totally or even partially agree with me. You may totally or partially disagree with me. You know what? I'm OK with that.

It's your choice.


I am one who really enjoys being inspired. Most often, inspiration comes at times and in people you don't expect.

While I am a conservative, politically, I haven't been too interested in the upcoming presidential election. You've probably noticed that in the past couple weeks, my attention has been grabbed. I find this particular season of our country's political process very compelling. Conventions are very intriguing. You see men and women, who only months ago were bitter rivals competing for the highest position in the land, suddenly become staunch and passionate allies. You see the battle of rhetoric and sound byte-worthy quotes and responses. Party line talking points, etc.

A couple things have grabbed my heart this week, however. And before you brush it off as my partisanship, please read on.

First, in listening to different speeches at the RNC this week, I learned something about John McCain that I didn't know. Maybe everyone knew this and I'm slow or I just had my head buried in the sand until now. I learned that while McCain was a prisoner of war in Viet Nam, he was offered an early release due to his injuries sustained in his plane crash and torture. While I don't think anyone would have blamed him for accepting, he turned it down in favor of prisoners who had been held captive longer, and by virtue of that, deserved to be released ahead of him. I'm certain that Mr. McCain's thoughts were not of the political collateral this decision would hold later in life, you know...just in case he survived and decided to enter politics. But simply because it was the right thing to do. I don't agree with all of McCain's policies, but that speaks volumes to me about his character. I believe I can trust a person in the White House whose life holds such examples of putting others before his own best interest. This inspires me. I honestly don't know I would have had the courage and character to do what he did. I want someone in the White House who is a better person than I am.

The second example this week came in the form of a 7 year old girl and her 4 month old baby brother. While her mother was delivering the most important speech of her life, before the world...little Piper Palin was holding her little brother, Trig. While the media wants us to question the quality of parenting offered by Sarah and Todd, this spontaneous moment captured by the television camera proves to me that this is no ordinary family. At least no ordinary political family. Maybe it proves that they're really very ordinary in a real world sense. This was not a choreographed move by some media savvy political advisor. This was a raw moment which proved to me that no matter what is going on around them, this family is going to stick together and take care of one another. This is evidence, to me, that what-you-see-is-what-you get when it comes to the Palin family. How refreshing is this in today's political climate?

Today, find something to inspire you, and inspire someone with your life. it again!

Editor of Us Magazine

After showing you the recent Us magazine covers featuring Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, here is an interesting follow-up on that topic. Below is an interview of the article's author magazine's editor side-stepping and back peddaling. I hope this serves as a warning to all of us to be careful in swallowing what the media is feeding us. And I would say that if this were an attack against someone with whom I disagree:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hey, I have no problem with the story about the Obamas, but c'mon...this is just stupid. They should have renamed the magazine for the cover with Sarah Palin to "Them".

Bittersweet Sign of Being Older

Last week, when John McCain introduced to the world his choice for running mate, I was both impressed and somewhat horrified. One reaction was political, the other strictly mathematic.

When the news outlets began broadcasting Sarah Palin's biography, it was noted that her birthday is February 11, 1964. That makes her exactly 54 weeks, to the day, older than me. While that would normally bother me, looking at her and her family is somewhat encouraging. They seem to be a young and vibrant family. Some people age more gracefully than others. I've seen people younger than I am who look at least 10 years older. Sarah Palin, though slightly over a year older than I am, looks younger than I do. And yes, I have been told by a female friend of mine that her husband is "hot". Not an adjective you often hear of political figures and their spouses, but this is a new era.

I have to admit that I'm very impressed with Mrs. Palin and her family. Obviously they have been plopped in the media petri dish for all the world to analyze. For every bit of information revealed, people will use those details to further their agendas. Agree or disagree with her decisions and platform, I think you have to respect her. She personifies the modern woman, balancing family and career. They have FIVE kids! The most recent of whom is a special needs child. And it has now been revealed that this infant son will soon have a niece or nephew who will be less than a year younger than he is.

I admire Sarah Palin's resolve and fortitude. And even moreso, I admire that of her family. Her husband seems to be what many would consider a man's man. Rugged outoorsy guy, blue collar worker. Yet, he will be the one holding the bible for his wife on January 20, 2009 should they win in November. There are many men who wouldn't be comfortable in this role. Can you imagine Bill Clinton in this hypothetical role? As Hillary is taking the Oath of Office, there's Bill winking and firing his finger gun at the cameras.

I'm looking forward to the speech tonight. And if you find yourself at a watercooler conversation about her daughter, take the high road and walk away. But that's a blog post for another day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 2

I'm happy to report that I survived Day 1 of the Atkins diet plan. So far, things are going fine. My fridge is pretty well stocked with Atkins-friendly items. I went to the store yesterday and loaded up with boxes of sugar-free Jello and fat-free pudding. You gotta love a plan that includes these! I just LOVE Jello! Plus, you can have pretty much all the whipped cream you can stand. Maybe I'll just throw a few spoonfuls of Jello into the tub of whipped cream and just go for it.

Yeah, maybe not.

On the job front, the search continues. I have targeted one particular company/ministry as where I would like to work, but as of yet, they don't have much in the way of openings. Fortunately, I know some people there, including the CEO. I got an email reply from him this morning saying he's very busy, but he'd like to meet on the 19th. That's two and a half weeks from now, which looks like an eternity when you're looking for a job. So, the effort continues in hopes that by the 19th, I'll just have to walk down the hall to meet up with him. And hopefully by then, I'll be at least 10 pounds lighter!

Monday, September 1, 2008

More New Beginnings

You'd think that after the last couple months, I'd be a little tired of changes. But in another sense, it's almost like going through one or two significant changes gets you thinking of all the stuff that could use a makeover. So now that I've got a new place to live, in a new town, in a new church, making new's time to do something to and for myself.

Today seemed like a very obvious and natural time to start. It's the first day of the week, and the first day of the month. So, today I start on the Atkins diet plan. I did it before with great success, but got lazy and drifted back into my typical eating habits. So, for the month of September, it's cutting out the nasty carbs. Those tasty, tasty carbs. So long po
tatoes of every kind. French fries, hash browns, and of course, the baked and mashed varieties. Bread? Yeah...see you in a month, too.

When I first discovered the Atkins plan a few years ago, I was stunned. I have never been one for diets because they all seemed so unreasonable. I hear of portion control, eating tofu and soy junk. Bleah. But Atkins says, "eat all you want!". Now that's a diet I can sink my teeth into! And anyone who knows me knows that I'm a dyed-in-the-wool carnivore! And Dr. Atkins created this plan for ME!

I'm pretty ready to do this. I'm definitely needing to do this. I went for a nice 2 mile walk today, which is also something I'm motivated to do. I was very athletic growing up. Going from one sport to the next from 5 years old through high school. As an adult, I still played basketball, softball, raquetball, tennis...whatever I could get out and do. The past several years have seen almost none of that. So I think shedding some weight will increase my energy and desire to be more active.

The plan is for 30 days of hardcore Atkins. Then maybe a week "off the wagon" which will include such delicacies as pizza, potatoes, pasta and other goodies. Then, back to more Atkins-related goodness.

I'll keep you posted on my progress. I weighed myself this morning. The outcome was pretty much what I expected. I can't wait to see where I'll be on October 1!