Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Ladyfriend!

Today is the birthday of the woman I have affectionately referred to here as 'Ladyfriend'. In the nearly 8 months I have known her, I have learned so much about life. The moment I met her happened to come at the end of one of the worst 24 hour periods in her entire life. Some might question the timing, thinking it couldn't have been worse. But it didn't take us long to see that to the contrary, it couldn't have been any better.

Those who know us can clearly see God's fingerprints all over it.

If I could summarize what I've learned since I've known her, I would do so with Proverbs 27:17. This has been such a classic case of mutual iron sharpening as I have ever seen. I see so clearly how God has used her to see, first hand, grace under pressure. I can't think of too many people whose lives put them through the daily gauntlet she has faced for years. I'd hate to think of the quivering mess I would be if I had to run the obstacle course, or more accurately, the mine field through which she's had to walk. But I've seen her endure so much with equal parts grace, dignity, integrity and faith.

I've seen few people who are so grateful for what might appear to so many people as little things. Perspective is a wonderful thing, but it can also be humbling. The course her life has taken would bring me and a myriad of others to our knees. What you and I consider incomprehensible has, unfortunately and unfairly, become an average day-in-the-life for her. This perspective has opened my eyes to the difficulties so many go through. I pass by people every single day who have such horribly complicated lives. Some by their own doing, and others, by the hands of others. I am learning to stop feeling sorry for myself for things which so drastically pale in comparison.

If you've followed Crossing Paths for any length of time, you may have noticed that I'm big into life lessons. I'm big into finding people who inspire me. I'm thankful that God has placed such an inspirational person in my life who teaches me more about embracing life, walking in faith, walking in joy and peace, than just about anyone else I've ever known.

Even though it's Ladyfriend's birthday today, I feel I have been given the most precious of gifts.